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SuperPro Designer 10.7

Models, analyzes and optimizes integrated processes
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10.7.2000 (See all)
Work with integrated processes by creating new ones or optimizing the previously generated projects by means of evaluation and optimization analysis. It features a set of engineering and scientific templates for comparison and modification. Process testing is possible.

SuperPro Designer is a program intended to help engineers and scientists model, evaluate and optimize integrated processes in various industries. Its main purpose is to foster productivity through enhanced communication among the members of a team and with other parts of the organization.

The program has the technical look that characterizes software designed for engineering processes. Needless to say, there is a high level of specialized knowledge involved. Yet, there are various elements that facilitate its use, such as a welcoming screen and some wizard-like dialog boxes. Moreover, it comes with excellent documentation, including a tutorial. Besides, you can open and explore various examples to see what the final result of your work should look like.

SuperPro Designer can help you model more than 140 procedures or operations in such diverse fields as air pollution control, wastewater treatment, microelectronics, water purification, consumer goods, chemical industry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. It lets you simulate practically every aspect of the process, including the use of equipment and resources, costs, materials and energy. Likewise, the tool allows scheduling batch operations and prevent bottlenecking. What is more, the product can assess the environmental impact of the process.

The program allows sharing the resulting documentation by exporting to PDF, with the possibility of customizing the document with your own graphics and text. Likewise, it supports saving PDFs in DXF format so that they can imported into AutoCAD. Not only that, since it supports OLE, any object can simply be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other programs, such as spreadsheets and word processing packages.

All in all, SuperPro Designer is definitely one of the best choices if you need to simulate chemical, biochemical, environmental or manufacturing processes. It is evident that a review of this nature is too narrow to cover everything you need to know about this software. Fortunately, there is ample documentation, including scientific articles, for you to consult and see if it works for you. The product is rather costly, but there are Lite and two Intermediate editions available at a lesser price.

Pedro Castro
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  • Intended for a wide range of fields and processes
  • Excellent documentation
  • Exports to various formats and supports OLE
  • Creates personalized PDFs


  • Not intended for the common user
  • Costly
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